I have always been fascinated by nature. In the last years I have been fortunate enough to travel around in Norway, France and Switzerland. During these trips I got to see how the weather changed the lighting conditions and could give dramatic scenes and strong contrast between light and shadow, but also calmed some scenes down with even light to the landscape and gave peaceful feeling. 

Chamonix, France
Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix
Aiguille du Midi had a stormy weather forecast and we had to leave the summit a bit earlier than planned, but the storm front gave both flat scenes and dramatic contrasts when the sun popped out between layers of fog or clouds.
Team returning to Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix 2021
Storm coming in at La Refuge Bellachat, Chamonix 2021
Aiguille du Dru, Chamonix 2021
Aiguille du Dru, Chamonix 2021
Romsdalen & Sykkylven, Norway

Early morning in Vengedalen, Norway. There had been stormy weather the days before and while the last clouds left the valley in the early morning hours, they made a soft morning light.
Vengedalen, Norway winter 2020
Vengedalen, Norway winter 2020
Sykkylven, Norway winter 2021
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