Using your flash with "high speed sync" can give some interesting light. All photos are taken during day time in the mid-day/early afternoon and sunny conditions. 

Day time in sunny condition gives a lot of contrast and bright high-lights. Often not the best light for photography. After some research into using a flash with "high speed sync" capability, this feature on my Godox AD600 and AD300 can also be used for other things than freezing action. 

I really like the possibility to isolate the subject and eliminate distracting factors in the image with flash and the high speed sync. The subject can "pop" more in the frame and details being lost with other types of lighting can suddenly make their appearance.

The key to achieving the "day to night" effect is using a high shutter speed and adjust flash power and F-stop´s for lighting the subject. The picture above was taken with Shutter 1/8000, ISO 200 and f2.8 (Lens Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L). Using the Good AD300 with the QR-P90 soft box for lighting.
On this image the Flash is positioned on the left side of the frame a little further back and I had to step up to the Godox AD600 Pro with a softbox/raster on 1/2 power. In camera settings was 1/8000 shutter, ISO 100 and F4.5. (Lens Canon 70-200mm f4 L)
This images was shot with the AD600 Pro for lighting and a snoot for more subject isolation. 
Using the Good AD300 Pro with a reflector and grid. Positioned 1-2 m outside the frame. In camera settings was 1/8000 shutter, ISO 100 and F6.3 on 87mm (lens 70-200mm f4 L).
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